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hoping to one day to travel around the world and live a free life.


Literally my favorite photo ever, I think this is Brazil maybe Rio and it looks so warm despite the sun setting and it looks like a humid night and these friends live so close to the ocean and they just plunged into the warm sea…. one day soon.



The Strokes - Hard To Explain

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Long exposure, 3 traffic lights in the fog.

damn this justthis fukn does it for methis is gorgeous

i like this a lot

[similar here]

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you can drive all night, looking for answers in the pouring rain

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she is the definition of beauty


13. Favorite Mixtape Song - Autobiography | Nicki Minaj

Autobiography is my favorite mixtape song for a number of reasons.

Firstly, this song is hand down the most powerful song Nicki has ever recorded and written. I mean the song is powerful in that it is driven by her emotions more than I think any other song she has released since and before that. She opens up to her past and she does it with passion and vague openness (certain lyrics suggest events like a pregnancy, but do not elaborate). The song ultimately shows that Nicki is indeed a human and not another celebrity/artist who has never had problems or suffered.  

Secondly, the song (among the other emotional driven tracks spread throughout her mixtapes) shows that Nicki was never about just rap. She has always been a multi-genre artist and some people fail to realize she has been singing her whole career.

Finally, her hook is both chilling and beautiful, not to mention flawless. 

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